Advisory, Strategy and Corporate Reputation

A truly independent Research and Advisory Service, focused on providing and disseminating truthful, transparent and rigorous information about the economy and companies’ strategies in the media, national and supranational institutions, and social networks.

The objective is to analyse strategic positioning opportunities and disseminate essential messages so that the general public understands the challenges and realities of the sectors involved.

Macroeconomic Advisory

Experience of two decades in communication with investors, relations with the administration and financial markets.

Focused on the specific needs of the management team preparing confidential and exclusive reports, offering independent analysis and recommendations in the areas of global economy, foreign trade, foreign exchange, innovation and credit risk.

Regular political, regulatory and economic analysis of challenges, risks and competitive environment, with proposed actions.

Specific personalized reports on the economic environment, risks and opportunities and analysis of strategic changes and trends.

Corporate Image Consulting

Create a communication proposal, and start up initiatives to maximize impact, influence and leadership in public perception.

Emphasize the image and corporate reputation of customers. Underline the importance of the sector within society and among stakeholders.

Advisory and consultation on management of public presentations, debates in media and ad-hoc performances for external events and interviews.

Support, management and proposals of ideas for corporate communication, speeches, presentations.

Assistance and support in national and international events of the company.

In-House Training

Strategy on digitalisation, technology and innovation.

Conferences on global economy, trade, export, currency and credit risk management, innovation, environment and added value strategy within the scope of the team’s specialty.

Seminars tailored to the needs of the company with highly qualified teachers and professionals of recognized prestige in their areas of expertise.

Differentiated Services

Daniel Lacalle (authorized by the FCA to provide financial services) and his company, Alpha Strategy Consulting (registered in the United Kingdom), have the support of a team of international professionals in Madrid and London with more than 15 years of experience in the field of corporate, financial and business communication.

Likewise, it has a wide network of global contacts, which allows it to create reports and make analysis of real added value, and always from a non-commercial, and therefore, truly independent, perspective.

Guarantee of Independence and Confidentiality

The proposal includes maximizing impact and dissemination of key messages and objectives with media, markets, government entities, international forums, conferences and opinion forums.