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Daniel Lacalle

Daniel Lacalle


Born in Madrid in 1967, Mr Lacalle has a PhD in Economy. He is a Professor of Global Economy, Certified International Investment Analyst (CIIA), Fund Manager (Adriza International Opportunities, Tressis Gestión) and author of bestsellers “Life In The Financial Markets”, “The Energy World Is Flat” (with D. Parrilla) and “Escape from the Central Bank”, translated to Portuguese, Spanish and Chinese.

Mr Lacalle has more than 25 years of experience in corporate communication, macroeconomic and financial analysis, as well as media relations. He is board member and advisor of several international corporations.

He is Commissioner of the Regional Community of Madrid in London, Member of the Advisory Board of the Rafael del Pino Foundation and President of the Mises Hispano Institute.
Mr Lacalle writes regularly and collaborates with different media including CNBC in London and Asia, Hedgeye in New York, Mises Institute, World Economic Forum, CNN, BBC, S&P Global, Focus Economics, Epoch Times and The Wall Street Journal, as well as El Español and Antena 3 (Spain), Semana Económica (Perú), Pulso (Chile), Diagonales and La Nación (Argentina) or WIO (India), among others.

Mr Lacalle has been ranked number 2 of the 100 most influential economists in the world in 2017 (Richtopia) and voted for five consecutive years at the top of the Extel Survey as a fund manager (Thomson Reuters).

Patricia Castillo

Patricia Castillo

General Manager

Mrs. Castillo holds a Degree in Economics and Business Administration from CUNEF (Colegio Universitario de Estudios Financieros) in Madrid and a Masters’ Degree in European Economy at the ULB (Université Libre de Bruxelles).
Mrs Castillo started her career at the European Commission in Bruxelles, at the General Directorate of Economic and Financial Affairs. She worked in various financial institutions in Madrid. She was Board Member and General Manager of GESALCALÁ, SGIIC, Grupo Banco Alcalá, in Madrid before moving to London.
Mrs Castillo lives between London and Madrid and is the General Manager of Alpha Strategy Consulting.
Yanire Guillén

Yanire Guillén

Customer Public Communications Manager. Offering targeted solutions according to specific requirements.
Mrs Guillen’s work entails the management of social media, designing social media strategies, brand recognition, design and awareness, maximize followers, sharing content and designing appropriate campaigns to increase brand quality and recognition.
Daniel Rodríguez

Daniel Rodríguez

Mr. Rodriguez holds a Degree in Economics and a Masters’ Degree in International Financial Markets. He has more than six years’ experience in macroeconomic analysis and economic forecasting at multinational companies, supporting the Board of Directors’ decision making. He also worked as macroeconomics professor at Universidad de Valladolid (UVa).