Macroeconomic Advisory

Experience of two decades in communication with investors, relations with the administration and financial markets.

Differentiated Services

A wide network of global contacts, which allows us to create reports and make analysis of real added value and a truly independence perspective.

Corporate Image Consulting

Create a communication proposal, and start-up initiatives to maximize impact, influence and leadership as well as community, social and stakeholder benefits.

In-House Training

Training for managers and stakeholders. Strategy on digitalisation, technology and innovation.

Advisory, Strategy and Corporate Reputation

A truly independent Research and Advisory Service, focused on providing and disseminating truthful, transparent and rigorous information.

Guarantee of Independence and Confidentiality

Our services are fully guaranteed to be completely independent, providing different perspectives and detailed analysis. Fully confidential and tailored to customers’ specific requirements.

A truly independent Research and Advisory Service, focused on providing insightful and rigorous analysis of the economy and companies’ strategies.

We work to maximize strategic positioning and opportunities for our clients, helping companies achieve excellence in communication while receiving a unique global, regional and sector analysis.

Alpha Strategy Consulting


Finance & Markets 

Oil & Gas 





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